First Night 2015

The couple I interviewed during the race with me and Jim.

The couple in red I interviewed during the race with me (iPod in hand) and Jim (far right).


Ready to run his last race of 2014, Olaf prepares for the First Night Resolution 5k in State College, PA.

This recording has a bit about that race, a few running resolutions and a contest to win an entry in the 2015 Capital 10-miler – a Run for the Arts in Harrisburg, PA. in State College, PA. Listen to the impressions on the recording and send your guesses to .
Perfect for a 30 minute run, download the MP3 or give a listen HERE.IMG_6675

For February, Jim and I are planning on a romantic running weekend.

Cold Hands Warm Heart

6 Rms Riv Vu by the Indiana Players.
Romantic Packages in Indiana, PA