Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon 2016

September 10, 2016 was the Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon in a town by the same name in Lancaster County, PA.

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The shirts I created for running in the Bird-in-Hand Half.

County towns with names like Intercourse, Blue Ball, Paradise, Fertility and Virginville surround some lovely rolling farmland in Pennsyltucky.

Out of respect to the Amish families, we didn’t take many photos at the race. Amish believe that photographs in which they can be recognized violate the Biblical commandment, “Thou shalt not make unto thyself a graven image.” They want to be remembered by the lives they lived and the examples they left, not by physical appearance. Giving a listen to our podcast is the best way to get the picture of what a half marathon supported by the Amish community is all about.


Liz McVey and her awards from running the Bird in Hand Half Marathon.

We also interviewed Liz McVey who shares her running stories on the blog,  In the Long Run. She lives in Lancaster County and was the perfect person to give us the details of running in that area of central Pennsylvania.

Perfect for a 30 minute run, this recording has horse and buggy prompts every 10 minutes. Download the MP3 or give a listen HERE.

Our official finishing times were: Jim – 2:20:18 and Terri – 2:54:07.


Valley of No Wires.