Apple Watch 2, Nike+ app

2017-05-17 06.21.07.pngI  was very confused as to how to take advantage of my Apple Wacth 2‘s water resistant feature, the Water Lock, while using the Nike+ running application. Apple tech support was confused too and were no help in getting me any closer to sorting it out.

I did a lot of testing, trial and error, so give a listen to what I have had success with and then hear about Jim’s latest race at the Mastodon Challenge 15k.

Perfect for a 40 minute run, this recording has the sound of our horse and buggy prompts every 10 minutes. Download the MP3 or give a listen HERE.


The Gettysburg Blue-Gray Half Marathon 2016

img_6617Divided into Blue and Gray teams, the Gettysburg Blue-Gray Half Marathon through the eastern cavalry grounds of the Gettysburg battlefield. Join us in this 25 minute podcast to run parts of the half marathon and hear some of our highlights of the day.

Perfect for a 25 minute run, this recording has horse and buggy prompts every 10 minutes. Download the MP3 or give a listen HERE.img_6615-2

Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon 2016

September 10, 2016 was the Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon in a town by the same name in Lancaster County, PA.

2016-08-23 07.59.19 HDR

The shirts I created for running in the Bird-in-Hand Half.

County towns with names like Intercourse, Blue Ball, Paradise, Fertility and Virginville surround some lovely rolling farmland in Pennsyltucky.

Out of respect to the Amish families, we didn’t take many photos at the race. Amish believe that photographs in which they can be recognized violate the Biblical commandment, “Thou shalt not make unto thyself a graven image.” They want to be remembered by the lives they lived and the examples they left, not by physical appearance. Giving a listen to our podcast is the best way to get the picture of what a half marathon supported by the Amish community is all about.


Liz McVey and her awards from running the Bird in Hand Half Marathon.

We also interviewed Liz McVey who shares her running stories on the blog,  In the Long Run. She lives in Lancaster County and was the perfect person to give us the details of running in that area of central Pennsylvania.

Perfect for a 30 minute run, this recording has horse and buggy prompts every 10 minutes. Download the MP3 or give a listen HERE.

Our official finishing times were: Jim – 2:20:18 and Terri – 2:54:07.


Valley of No Wires.


Hellbender Half Marathon 2016

After a long hiatus, I produced a quick race recap of the 2016 Hellbender Half Marathon that Jim and I ran this past weekend. We also ran Hellbender Half in 2014 so it was interesting to compare the differences in our runs and how the race has changed.

Perfect for a 30 minute run, this recording has horse and buggy prompts every 10 minutes. Download the MP3 or give a listen HERE.

2016-08-05 15.19.39

The shirt I created for this race.

Cold Hands Warm Heart 5k – recap

Dubbed by other runners as "The Love Bandits."

Dubbed by other runners as “The Love Bandits.”

Jim and I recap our Valentine’s Day running of the Cold Hands Warm Heart 5k in Indiana, PA. We describe the race, the sections of the this year’s off-road course and a few other pleasant details of running on Valentine’s weekend in Central Pennsylvania.

CHWHPerfect for a 40 minute run, this recording has horse and buggy prompts every 10 minutes. Download the MP3 or give a listen HERE.

April 2015 races in Central PA:

April 4, 2015 8:30pm
The Night Fight Trail Run – Camp Mount Luther, Mifflinburg, PA
A 5 and 10-kilometer race. Runners decide on race day if they want to do a 5K or 10K (a double loop of the 5K). Headlamps, flashlights, torches, or other means of illumination strongly encouraged but will not be provided. The course will be marked with glow sticks and reflective arrows. Awards will be given in 10 year age groups up to 50+. Race shirts to all pre-registered… limited quantities on race day! Portions of the proceeds will be donated to a local charity.

April 11, 2015
The 5th annual BPW Wellness 5K, Mifflintown, PA
Start and finish at Cedar Grove Church in Mifflintown. Race starts promptly at 10:00am, registration begins at 8:30.

New for this year, for every item that you bring to donate to the Juniata County Food Pantry, you will be given a ticket into a special raffle for prizes and gift cards. They are asking that all items donated be new and unopened personal care items or baby items.

April 18, 2015
Mt. Penn Muddfest 15k trail race in Reading, PA
Start and finish the race at Mountain Springs and Captains Cove Restaurant and Bar. The course will be similar to last years, a little mud in the very beginning and then a whole bunch of Mt Penn’s infamous ROCKS. Registration closes when they reach 400 runners OR by midnight, April 4th, WHICHEVER OCCURS FIRST (check home page regularly to see if limit was reached).

Overall 5M/5F, 18-29: 5M/5F, 30-39: 5M/5F, 40-49: 5M/5F, 50-59: 5M/5F, 60-69: 3M/3F, 70+: 2M/2F

April 25, 2015
7th Annual Dog Jog, Centre Hall, PA
Grange Fair Grounds Gate 2 in Centre Hall, registration begins: 7:30am (bandana and T-shirt included while supplies last).

Many very specific dog related rules, please go to the above link to be fully informed and prepared to participate.

First Night 2015

The couple I interviewed during the race with me and Jim.

The couple in red I interviewed during the race with me (iPod in hand) and Jim (far right).


Ready to run his last race of 2014, Olaf prepares for the First Night Resolution 5k in State College, PA.

This recording has a bit about that race, a few running resolutions and a contest to win an entry in the 2015 Capital 10-miler – a Run for the Arts in Harrisburg, PA. in State College, PA. Listen to the impressions on the recording and send your guesses to .
Perfect for a 30 minute run, download the MP3 or give a listen HERE.IMG_6675

For February, Jim and I are planning on a romantic running weekend.

Cold Hands Warm Heart

6 Rms Riv Vu by the Indiana Players.
Romantic Packages in Indiana, PA

Nittany Valley Half Marathon

Marjorie Miller of State College, PA

Marjorie Miller of State College, PA finished her first half marathon at the Nittany Valley Half Marathon.

Crossing the half marathon finish line for the very first time is a great moment in every runner’s life. This recording features inspiring interviews of first time half marathon runners at the 2014 Nittany Valley Half Marathon in State College, PA. Perfect for a 30 minute run, download the MP3 or give a listen HERE

A few races upcoming in New Year’s Eve themed races in Central Pennsylvania:
December 31, 2014
Twilight Run, Altoona/Holidaysburg, PA
First Night Resolution Run, State College, PA
Rokcin’ NYE, Bloomsburg, PA
NVH_2014BriMadisonA huge thank you to everyone I interviewed and apologies for having to edit out some for time constraints. Congratulations, you should all be very proud of yourselves!